Burning CD’s and DVD’s at your local library?


We all have become members in this group. Having worked in a public library for seven years and also at a community college library for almost a year along with my internship at a genealogy library I know for a fact that many people take out items and then copy them for their own use.  The music and downloading industry has been fighting illegal downloading and file sharing for as long as I can remember.

This PhD student described in the article above that came out today (May 22, 2012) will be filing for bankruptcy for songs he downloaded back in high school.

I understand the desire for the music industry to protect their investment of their artists and the content that they create, but is it really necessary to make people go bankrupt because they wanted to hear YOUR song anyway?  It just seems petty to me, especially the multi-million dollar artists who are arguing and taking people to court whether they downloaded legally or not?

I know many people use the library loophole, but until the music industry continues to lag behind the current computing trends, I am afraid they will continue to make attempts at random people to make an example of them and maybe in a way a deterrent. However, people will continue to use the libraries of the world in this fashion.  Even though the print collections of many libraries are diminishing, the need for physical collections is still important because it provides those with low incomes the resources for effective information gathering.

I present this article and discussion to you because I feel that the music industry is behind the times, and because of this wildly goes after people with no intentions other than to make people broke, not to re-organize their industry.

On a tranhumanism note to this article, I have found quite a few DVD’s at the library especially and through Interlibrary Loan that have been related to the subjects within transhumanism, and have made digital files from many. So in essence I will be able to create a small video library for resources dedicated to transhumanism. Cheers!! Comment please!


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