Obama Orders Government Agencies to shift towards Mobile “Apps”


President Obama today ordered, “that each agency has to make at least two services relied upon by the public on mobile telephones within 12 months” This also will be able to be used on mobile computing devices such as laptops, tablets, and other devices.  After just taken a Government Information  Resources class through San Jose State, I found this article to be pertinent to my studies.

After having researched the current state of e-government content I found that there was a considerable amount of government related information in born digital form and also in digitized format, but this organization was spread across multiple, multiple different web pages, and very few of them were optimized in any way for access by my 3rd gen iPad, which is a mobile computing device. So I am quite happy to see a President make this a mandate for government information moving forward.

Obama states, “Americans deserve a government that works for them anytime, anywhere, and on any device”. Now I know that we disagree on many of the presidents ideas and propositions, but we can all agree that we need a government who is actively trying to give better access to its information.


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