Nanotechnology…..the Most Important Aspect of Transhumanism Moving Forward?

In order to pursue effective nanotechnologies we have to develop artificial organs that are not to be rejected by the host body, and to be produced by 3D printing (a near future post will be made about this aspect of Transhumanism) which ensures a more effective and youthful body part being replaced.  In a recent article, two scientists injected human endothelial cells into tiny channels within a collagen gel.

Not only did the cells spread and form throughout the channels but they also helped form 3D miniature blood vessels that were able to let blood flow even at sharp 90 degree angles.  They additionally used this gel within human brain and muscles while using proteins to stimulate the growth of the blood vessels and these micro blood vessels were able to integrate into both types of cells that were present in the collagen gel.

Moving forward with this small breakthrough, the scientists go on to say

“Zheng says that the next step is to use the system as a starting point for an artificial organ. Drawing the channels in the right shape will allow the organ to have an adequate blood supply throughout.”

Journal reference: Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, DOI: 10.1073/pnas.1201240109


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