Virtual Internship Week 1. Lubuto Library Project

Hello everyone. I was able to get signed up for a virtual internship for the Spring 2013 semester through the SJSU SLIS program. I wanted to focus on ways I could gain skills and information relating to the use of libraries in international locations, and serving a variety of patrons. Thus, I decided on interning with the Lubuto Library Project. (

This organization created and ran by Jane Meyers, plays an important role in the rural communities of Zambia in Africa with literacy, by building public libraries with access to technology, aiding and understanding the geography and biology of their local environment, history and more. Since I am a bit of a social media nerd, Jane and I agreed that I should speak to the webmaster for the organization and discuss where and how we should draft an actual social media strategy or policy for the organization moving forward.

Also, these next few weeks I will also be going through various important documents in the organization and gaining a practical understanding of what exactly the contents of the libraries collections are so far. With this information in mind, I am in charge of drafting an official collection development policy for the Lubuto Library Project and its current and ongoing collections.

Lastly, I will be working the webmaster directly in a few weeks from now on assessing how I can aid in the redesigning of the website in content, layout, social media integration and more. Not entirely clear what I will be doing in this aspect yet, but it looks like I will get to learn some new software. Another skill I can add to my resume and e-portfolio.

All in all I am quite glad and sincerely appreciative that I have this wonderful opportunity in front of me to help a great organization push further and also have more publicity to the people of the world. The Lubuto Library Project is a fantastic and important organization that helps the children of rural Zambia in many ways. Below I have some of their social media links. Please “Like” and “Follow” them on whatever platform you can. Spread the word!!

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