Virtual Internship Week 2. Lubuto Library Project

Well it has been one full week under my belt interning with the Lubuto Library Project, and feel as though I have a firm understanding of what is expected of me and how I will be helping the organization with various tasks.

On the social media front I have been given the objective of creating a social media strategy for the organization.  So far I have been doing some research on just that topic through the databases I have access through San Jose State University and also through internet searches using Library and Information Science as my guiding light. The Lubuto Library Project has unique goals and objectives in serving the children of Zambia.  With this in mind, the social media policy will need to reach out to the various people who could potentially provide donations to the organization, and also help provide publicity for the organization and the great services they provide.

Secondly, on the social media front, I have been doing some networking on getting the Lubuto Library’s Facebook Page publicity and presenting the organization to friends, coworkers, professional contacts and more. When I began the internship with the organization, the Facebook page only had 67 “Likes”. As of today 2-4-13 @ 8 AM Central Time, that number has climbed to 333! I know it only may be 200+ people, but this is a great step in the right direction.  My goal by the end of February is to reach 400 “Likes” or more.  I also intend to help gain more followers on their other social media platforms in including Twitter, LinkedIn, Flickr, Pinterest, and Youtube.

Another project I am working on is involving an aspect of the special collections for the Lubuto Library Project. The organization provides multiple reading lessons and stories in the seven languages that are spoken within the countryside of Zambia.  Currently, the lists have too much truncation, and have some issues when opening them in Google Docs and other applications. So, I will be renaming all of the files, and arranging them in such a manner to help the lists to become more organized and easier to use for staff and the children as well. I look forward to completing this aspect of the website so the special collections can become more accommodating to everyone.

Lastly, as I had stated in last week’s post, I have been reading a few documents about the collections that the organization owns physically and the digital resources they provide to help myself accumulate a more complete understanding of how to develop a sound, and cohesive collection development policy. This will take considerable time to make a policy that is robust, but it will be worth the effort.

I am loving the internship, and the people I have been in contact within the organization thus far have been quite friendly and appreciative of my interest in aiding them in any way I can. Well, it is time to get some sleep. Until next week, Mucaale kabotu! (It means goodbye in Chitonga, one of the many languages spoken in Zambia!)

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One thought on “Virtual Internship Week 2. Lubuto Library Project

  1. You certainly seem to be the right person for the Lubuto internship this term. Have you had marketing classes in the past? If not, you’re a natural–even getting me to “like” a page. I hope you continue to enjoy your internship.

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