Virtual Internship Week 4. Lubuto Library Project

What? Did I miss a week? No. I am just making sure that my posts coincide with the weeks of the semester, that’s all. Anyhow, four weeks into the semester, interning with the Lubuto Library Project has been a great experience thus far.

In the last week, there has not been too much action.  I am in the process currently of renaming, about 700 reading lessons on the website so they are more organized and have less truncation and less problems when opening in other applications. I will be finishing renaming the lessons today and will be re-uploading them to the website in the next day or two.  This was the first project I was assigned to work on, and it will be a great feeling knowing that I am aiding the website to become more efficient and organized.

The rest of the week I will be communicating with the person in charge of social media and actually begin writing the social media policy that will help shape how the Lubuto Library Project will share itself across multiple platforms, find those persons who could potentially provide donations, and aid in determining what the best content for each platform will be. This policy will be conducive for the Lubuto Library Project now and in the future since social media is an important aspect of the organization and sharing its goals and objectives.

In the latter part of the week, I will be reading and taking notes on more of the documents that were sent to me pertaining to constructing a collection development policy, and also speaking with a former professor of mine for even more insight on this project.

Until next time: Mucaale kabotu! (It means goodbye in Chitonga, one of the many languages spoken in Zambia!)

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