Virtual internship Week 6. Lubuto Library Project

The last week overall was quite productive in moving forward with several of my learning outcomes for the virtual internship. I was able to rename all of the reading files again, so they had the corrected wording and numbers on them so they could be uploaded to the website. It may seem like an easy task to complete, but it did take some time, and will greatly help the students be able to get through the folders in a much easier manner, and the lessons themselves will be easier to comprehend when opened in other applications.

Considerable progress on the social media policy was done this week. I was able to do some initial research on examples of social media policies that are present in various other businesses, not for profit organizations, and universities among others. This gave me some insight into how it should be formatted and construction at least in the beginning stages. Late in the week, I was able to hold a three-way conference call with two persons from the Lubuto Library Project to obtain their feedback and ideas on how they would like to see the social media policy created. We came to a general consensus, and I should have a draft submitted to them sometime in the next week. It looks like the policy will be used now, maintained for all persons in the organization, and will be a springboard for future social media endeavors. That makes me feel good, that my quality work is being noticed, but more importantly actually being used in a manner that aids the organization in increasing awareness of its goals and objectives.

Lastly, I was able to have an elongated conversation with a former professor on how I should go into constructing this large and complex collection development policy for the Lubuto Library Project. He had some great ideas on resources and materials I should consult in working on this. He seemed to be quite interested in the organization and what I am doing for them. He would like me to have some soft of a rough draft, or whatever I have completed by March 22. He wants to have a copy, because he is instructing a Collection Development course this spring, and asked me to come in as a guest and present the policy in his online meeting for the class, and have them review it, and discuss how the policy fits what the current and future collections should be. I am greatly looking forward to creating this policy, so the Lubuto Library Project can have a policy that really aids them in developing their collections to the next level and to more demographics in Zambia.

Until next time: Mucaale kabotu! (It means goodbye in Chitonga, one of the many languages spoken in Zambia!)

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One thought on “Virtual internship Week 6. Lubuto Library Project

  1. Jameson, I am so impressed. Your research on social media policies paid off, and you are right. Your competence is being noticed. It’s wonderful that you will have a long-lasting impact on Lubuto. In addition, your contact with your previous professor will pay off for both of you and bring some real life experiences into the classroom for his students. What a wonderful unintended consequence of seeking advice! You are excellent at networking!!

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