Virtual internship Week 7. Lubuto Library Project

Hello again everyone. This internship with the Lubuto Library Project is just flying right along! I have constructed the majority of the first draft of the social media policy, and should be submitting it for review in the next day or two.  I had to attend a funeral late this past week for an uncle of mine, who I was pretty close to, otherwise it would have been turned in sooner. Anyway, the social media policy is coming along well, and should be a helpful document for the current and future staff of the Lubuto Library Project.

Either late this week or next I will begin the initial stages of construction on the collection development policy. This project is going to be the most extensive part of the internship by far.  Making sure the document covers all the needs of the libraries themselves in addition to their digital resources and collections, while being adjusted for the future direction of the collections is no easy task. Thankfully, I do have people I am discussing with on the task, and quite thankful for their help.

Anyway, short post this week, but just wanted to give everyone a head’s up on how I am progressing.

Until next time: Mucaale kabotu! (It means goodbye in Chitonga, one of the many languages spoken in Zambia!)

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