Virtual internship Week 10. Lubuto Library Project

This week is the Spring Break for the SJSU SLIS, but I am still hard at work on this virtual internship. I have collected the documents needed to put together the collection development policy and have placed them into a single document. Now what I have to do, is create a cover page, and format most of these documents, so the policy can become a single cohesive document.  I look forward to continually working on this and making sure it contains all the necessary aspects for the Lubuto Library Project moving forward. Also, just today I was sent an e-mail by the president of the Lubuto Library Project on attending a virtual webinar on weeding. This webinar will mostly likely be too U.S. oriented to really relate to the collections of the Lubuto Library Project, but there will be general principles and guidelines that can be transferred.

Secondly, I have received ample feedback on what revisions should be made to the social media strategy moving forward and will continue to make incremental changes as I go along.

I cannot thank the staff of the Lubuto Library Project enough so far! They have been excellent in communicating with me, providing feedback, encouragement and making sure I stay on track. I am very thankful that I can help out in any capacity.

Until next time: Mucaale kabotu! (It means goodbye in Chitonga, one of the many languages spoken in Zambia!)

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