How to Share Books & eBooks with Our Troops

Everyone loves to read, however the content of what each one of us does read varies considerably.  That being said, below are some excellent ways in which anyone can help donate ebooks and books to citizens in the armed forces of the U.S. military.  Having something to read that interests them while they are stationed somewhere or even off duty can be a welcome reprise to the harsh realities of military life.  As a recent graduate of an MLIS academic program, I am willing to share this information on my blog, and also my social media channels that I take part in.  Here are just a few ideas for anyone who wants to help out a military service member:

If you want to help these men and women far away from home, we’ve collected five different ways you can share books with our troops. For instance, E-Books for Troops will help you send an eReader to our troops overseas. Army Sgt. Andre Corbin explained at the site:

When soldiers deploy, they have a mandatory packing list of equipment/clothing which must be fitted into a rucksack and a duffel bag – and it takes good packing to get everything required stowed. Any personal items must fit into a backpack, that is basically a carry-on bag – not a lot of room. When you only have about 1.5 cubic feet of space to pack personal items to last a year (or at least until care packages start arriving), you have to be very judicious in what you decide to bring … For me, a voracious reader who is addicted to the written word and regularly devours several novels/books a week, having the room for only a few books – even paperbacks tightly packed – could be a very frustrating dilemma.

5 Ways to Share Books & eBooks with our Troops


1. Books for Soldiers: “Once you are registered, you will be able to view the requests and send troops books, DVDs, games and relief supplies. You will also have access to our Pen Pal area and Post Card Jamboree. On average our volunteers fill thousands of requests a month.”

operation paperback

2. Operation Paperback sends paperbacks to troops overseas, including to the soldiers’ library in in Wardak Province, Afghanistan (pictured above).


3. Books-a-Million will let you select and purchase Books for Troops in a special program.

4. Books for Troops: “founded to send “care packages for the mind” for the troops in Afghanistan and Iraq by providing a variety of books that help ease their fears, loneliness, boredom, stress and to allow them a temporary escape from the horrors that they see and live daily. It was also founded to raise awareness of the sacrifices, both big and small, that our troops are making to protect us and to remind them that they are not forgotten.”

5. Follow this Google search to find many more options for sharing books with soldiers.

The content of the above is credited to Jason Boog, Editor for

I hope that someone out there sees this blog post or visits the article itself on, and is able to get books and ebooks to military service personnel. This is something small that can be accomplished, but information and literacy to what is important are aspects of their lives that can be forever changed for the good. Hope you enjoyed this post! Until next time.



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