Publish Your Own eBook? Here is One Way How!

kdp (link, directly to the Kindle Direct Publishing site)

As a librarian and information professional, I find the advent of the digital revolution promising and exciting for those in the field and frankly for anyone who has a desire to share information in any capacity.

The traditional model of publishing a book is obviously well established and incorporates a large percentage of the titles that are created and added to library collections around the world, both physically and virtually.  However, this model does not allow for the dissemination of information that can reach the public in a quick fashion, regardless of content.  There are many people in various academic fields who have the drive, desire, and interest in pursuing their own research or book of literature, but do not have the money, proper networking or other means to publish their own eBook.  Publishing an eBook, especially for authors who are just starting out, or an author who wants to venture into the electronic book industry provides an excellent avenue to reach new audiences on the myriad of e-readers, tablets, laptops, smartphones and other computing devices.  A feature that I really think is great, and what sets this apart from the traditional publishing industry, is having the ability to edit, and expand on the published work at any time. How fantastic is that!! has released what they call the Kindle Direct Publishing Platform which allows for an individual to create an eBook that can be created and then sold on, which for any author out there looking to publish their work or research, this is an exciting prospect.

I have posted the link above, to the location where I originally got the information from. I wanted to share this with all the friends I have on various social media platforms, for I know at least a few of you are looking to get published sometime in the near future., has now made it easier than ever to get published and join the information industry.  Happy Publishing!!


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