3D Printed Appendages…What is Next?



In a remarkable feat of science and technology, a robot hand is now giving children born without fingers the ability to feel what its like to have those  metaparcels. The billions of humans on Earth simply take these complex appendages and feelings from these extremities for granted. If we broke down the amount of energy and nerves required to grab a door handle and perceive that feeling to be conducive, we can gain a better appreciation for each moment we are alive.

3D Printing is  advancing to  the stage in which we as humans can take the technology and apply it not only to the human body to replace body parts, upgrade certain muscles and bones that may have deficiencies, but also to build tools and products that will aid the species in multiple ways.  Not only does 3D printing have the capability of changing us humans towards a new evolutionary path, where we could potentially transcend our biology, but also increasing our aptitude in pursuing space exploration and colonization.  For instance, the International Space Station, will be obtaining its very own 3D printer in 2014, funded by NASA. (http://venturebeat.com/2013/05/28/nasa-3d-printing-international-space-station/).  With such a technology at the fingertips of astronauts, the potential uses could be limitless, including food, lab supplies, clothing, fuel, materials for colonization, the list could go on and on.

Taking this another step, in using 3D Printers and specifically nanotechnology as nanoscale construction devices, the human species will have the ability to stop disease, suffering, regrow limbs, enhance or even replace organs, sections of scar tissue, enhanced surgical recovery, and increased productivity.  3D Printers will also provide us access points to virtual reality, computer brain interfaces, and potentially even mind-uploading.  With all of this in mind, we must appreciate the wonderful opportunity we have to not only enhance ourselves, seek out new world and universes, clean up our current home (Earth), enhance our brains to visualize multiple universes via virtual reality, or an augmented state of consciousness, but also the opportunity to completely change how our species functions at the civilization level, specifically producing tools and technologies.

With all this being said, the tenets of transhumanism will take us to new experiences, new locations and new levels of consciousness  that we currently can barely comprehend.  The next revolution of humanity is coming quickly, and people are anxious and nervous because the changes to global society will be more profound that any of the previous revolutions.  However, we must embrace this change if we are to truly outlive our centuries of misguided developments.(materialism)  A recent book that came out, titled, Radical Abundance: How a Revolution in Nanotechnology Will Change Civilization by K. Eric Drexler (https://transhumanistlibrarian.wordpress.com/books-related-to-transhumanism/), provides excellent context regarding the coming changes to the modes of production for humanity.

There is reason to be nervous about the coming revolution. However, this will completely change what we do in our daily lives, and the focus of the species will turn from one of competition to one of cooperation to attain heights that are unfathomable and exciting.  3D Printed appendages and beyond….What is Next??


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