3D Printing in Your Home?


bucaneerWow! It is amazing the rate of which 3D Printing is making progress, and now the opportunity to own one of these amazing pieces of technology can now be purchased for the home!

“The elegant, closed-box system (shown above) uses biodegradable plastic. The people at Pirate 3D have provided users with a library of pre-constructed objects as well as tools for customizable “smart objects” — so you can think outside the box, if you’re so inclined. Not only that, but The Buccaneer is environmentally friendly and food-safe — so, yes, you can eat out of what you print. And perhaps best of all, as a fully assembled product, it’s easy to use: Simply take the materials cartridge, pop it in the top and print wirelessly via Apple or Android devices.”

“With these perks, Pirate 3D has struck crowdfunding gold. At time of writing, The Buccaneer had dug up more than $760,000. (Pirate 3D pegged its initial funding goal for $100,000.) And for roughly 20 more days, potential backers can nab one of the printers with a $397 pledge.”

So for $397 dollars you can get one of these printers when the production models become available. I know quite a few people who could afford that amount, and could change not only their spending habits, but multiple other areas of their lives and lifestyles.  Think of the possibilities, especially for food and clothing purposes!

“Most industrial leaders believe that 3D printing is not ready for the home,” says Chief Executive Pirate Roger Chang. “We disagree. Everyone is focused only on the technical aspects of the 3D printers; however, we understand that the key to mass adoption lies in having an insanely great user experience.”

So, if you would like to pledge the $397 dollars, or just donate to the Kickstarter fund in any donation you seem fit, here is the link to further help this awesome project!



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