3D Printing Takes Another Step



“The world of 3D Printing takes another step forward with the creation of functional liver cells from a 3D Printer! “The San Diego-based company Organovo says it has used the technology behind 3D printing to create samples of liver cells that function as they would in a human.”

“We have demonstrated the power of bioprinting to create functional human tissue that replicates human biology better than what has come before,” Organovo said in a news release.

“The company’s researchers used a gel to build three types of liver cells and arranged them into the same kind of three-dimensional cell architecture found in a human liver. Although not fully functional, the 3D cells were able to produce some of the same proteins as an actual liver does and interacted with each other and with compounds introduced into the tissue as they would in the body.”

This is a powerful change that will have a ripple effect in the medical industry. Every week, the traditional model of the medical industry is slowly being broken down, so that products, services, tissues and organs can be delivered more quickly, more accurately, and most importantly, more effective for the current and long term health of human beings.  3D printing will also provide us the opportunity to seek out the means to enhance ourselves from the nano-level. Exciting times!


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