Longevity Research & Advocacy Now!


If we are going to continue and seek out new evolutionary paths for the human species, lengthening the amount of lifespan for each and everyone of us, is quite a first step to complete, but which also has the potential to accelerate our cabilities and capacities to use technology to transform ourselves.  Living a longer, healthier life should be and can be a vital goal for each and every person, government, and community if the effective social tools are in place to increase public and global organizational advocacy while also providing the fuel for driving social and poltical change related to research, funding for science related to lengthening the human lifespan through a myriad of technologies.

Luckily there is one such location where can make a legitimate difference in advocacy and increasing exposure for longevity related petitions for research.  That location is located both on Tumblr and Twitter and its called Longevity Intelligence Communications. Petitions have made quite a bit of difference throughout their history and this is your opportunity to place your name amongst those that support the increased funding and advocacy for extending human lifepspans.  I will be posting and every petition on my blog as well!

Please share and sign these crucial petitions!

Tumblr: http://lonintelcomms.tumblr.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/lonintelcomms


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