Low-Cost Solar Installation…Worldwide


GRID Alternatives http://www.gridalternatives.org/ is just one of several companies that installs solar energy systems on low income houses in California, Colorado, and soon in New York and New Jersey.  Take a look at this staggering statistic:

“Once the solar system is installed, the homeowner pays GRID two cents for              every  kilowatt-hour that the solar panels produce, which typically results in              energy bill  savings of 80 percent.”

So, in reality the homeowner now pays only 20% of what the fossil-fuel based energy sources would cost, and will continue to save money for years to come.  Their particular model for how they get everything paid for is in this article, (http://thinkprogress.org/climate/2013/08/22/2509761/making-solar-affordable/) but I believe that organizations such as this, should be existing in every nation around the world.  However, this highly depends if the nation has a labor force that can potentially learn and actually install the solar energy systems, but alas, more and more solar technician jobs are being created each and every week. So there is a need for solar technicians on a global scale.


There are a vast number of communities and societies that desperately need this type of help to lower the financial burden of housing ownership and rentals.  Developing and furthering the reach of these types of programs along with federal and national investments in renewable energy projects, will allow us to progress to a future society, where we will spend considerable less time and energy worrying if we have enough money to keep electricity going.  Instead people will have to work less just to pay a utility company, and will have more monetary resources devoted to whatever they choose.  This is the kind of future society I want to live in: a society in which we help the low-economic citizens of the world by lowering the cost of limitless clean energy consumption.

We must strive to reach more and more clean energy infrastructure for several reasons. The first being is that clean energy projects and installations, increase the demand for skilled workers.  Secondly, along with those skilled workers, there has to be an educational and vocational pipeline modified and efficient enough to support the increasing demand for solar and renewable energy projects. Lastly, these projects save money for many many people in the short and long term, which allows for further research and development into more efficient methods of producing renewable energy and we cannot thank our energy source as organisms; the sun, enough.


If we truly want to ascend to the next stage of societal progress, then 100% renewable energy for every source of energy consumption must be met! Let’s get working towards the future society we all desire!


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