Self-Extension Through Robots?


Robots, artificial intelligence, augmented intelligence and human-robot hybridization all are possible helpful tools that we will encounter in the near future.  Even now, there are being studies conducted on the emotional responses to humans working with robots.  Analyzing, and increasing the research on this topic, is critical since we are moving towards a technological singularity. Technology is part of all our lives and in the future will merge our physical bodies with said technologies.  One of the conclusions from their analysis was that even some of the soldiers during their interactions with the field robots, mental self-extension into the body of the robot occured.

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Transhumanist Librarian is Now Published?

Longevitize!: Essays on the Science, Philosophy & Politics of Longevity


So I have some good news. I have four essays that were included in the publication for this ebook! So now I am officially published!

Here are the titles to my four essays:

1. Amalgamation of Life-Extension and Transcendence as we Move Toward the future

2. Want to Live Indefinitely? Try Cryonic Freezing! Part 1

3. Want to Live Indefinitely? Try Cryonic Freezing! Part 2

4. 3D Printed Appendages…What is Next?