Hiking is for Everyone.

We all have gone through the beautiful coffee table books and stared at awe of the beautiful photography and landscape.  We wished we could go see it in person. That’s exactly what hiking is: walking and trekking in the areas that inspire us the most.

Something new I am planning to do once  or twice a week is to make a short post about a hiking book, hiking trail, hiking organization, piece of equipment, movie, piece of media, or something that I found remotely interesting and share it! Why, because I want to share my love of the outdoors with everyone that I know.  Personally, hiking is one of the few times in my life where my mind is at ease and truly focused and enjoying the moment in awe of the natural world we all share in all its wonder.  I will be going through my own hiking book collection first to show everyone a little bit of what I enjoy and hope others when they come to southern California and many other wonderful areas.


Even though this was published ten years ago, most of the trails in Joshua Tree National Park do not change or erode much at all, due to lack of really strong winds or rain, being a high altitude desert.  Went there in early January 2015 and ended up climbing 4 different mountain peaks, and also completed two smaller trails in 48 hours.  A wonderful place to go visit but truly soak in, for the land area of the park is larger than the state of Rhode Island.

I recommended this book for several reasons, the first being that the trails and their routes are easily found with the descriptions, and provides excellent contextual information to help you comprehend the geography around you.  The relevant information regarding how much water, elevation gain and loss, total milage, rating, and current trail condition phone numbers to call all help to encapsulate the wonderful trails within the park.

Hope you enjoyed this post, and will be providing some more hiking books for your knowledge.

Consider purchasing the book directly from the Joshua Tree National Park Store from the link below. Cheers


Below I have some pictures from my Joshua Tree trip:











The Transhumanism Librarian



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