Hiking Photos

Cool mushrooms!

These mushrooms were found at Higginson-Henry Wildlife Management Area right outside of Madisonville, Kentucky.

Snail found on the trail.

This little guy was found on the side of the trail at Audubon State Park in Henderson, Kentucky. I thought people would enjoy this picture.

More mushrooms!

I found these mushrooms right in the middle of the trail itself. They were found on the German Ridge Trail over in Hoosier National Forest. That day was a fun hike.

This little bug on the trail

Found this little one just bouncing along the trail and almost stepped on it before I noticed the pattern on its back. I hope that when this picture is blown up its pretty detailed. Picture was taken at the German Ridge Trail, Hoosier National Forest.

A great Picture

This was taken again on the German Ridge Trail at Hoosier National Forest. Just shows how lush everything is.

All feet on deck

A good picture showing the feet of those who walked the trail that day. Myself and two friends. It was a gorgeous day too. Cannot ask for more than that. A good overall picture.


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